A done-for-you Book Advertising Service
A done-for-you Book Advertising Service

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Why AMS Ads?

The short answer is of course, “to make more money.”

There’s no doubt that AMS Ads (also referred to as Kindle Ads) are an extraordinarily powerful tool to advertise your books and make a positive return on your ad spend.

Thousands of authors are already having success, making anywhere from an extra few dollars a month, to an extra few THOUSAND dollars a month.

With Kindle Ads, you are advertising to people who are actively shopping for a book to read.

Unlike Facebook ads and the like, you aren’t advertising to people that are trying to chat with their friends and catch up on news. They are there to buy.

AMS ads allow you to practically sneak up on customers at the bookstore and place your book on the shelf right in front of them as they browse.

It’s one of the most powerful forms of marketing ever created, and it’s changing authors lives—either helping them make enough money to keep from giving up, or helping them make enough money to give up everything except their writing!

“Our primary role is to make sure we’re the leading AMS Ad experts on earth.” 

We have become the leading experts, and will continue to be the leading experts, by continually studying the performance of millions of keywords spanning hundreds of genres, staying current with all the popular new releases, creating thousands of ad campaigns and testing dozens of variables, and continually refining and improving upon our vast database of Kindle advertising intel.

We use this intel to create, test, and refine Kindle ads for our customers, helping them make hundreds and sometimes even thousands of extra dollars without distracting them from their writing and other marketing efforts.

To be sure, AMS ads are not that difficult to create and manage with good results, even for a beginner. 

But they are absolutely TEDIOUS if you expect to get optimal results (by constantly testing and adjusting the click bids on literally THOUSANDS of keywords, like we do for our customers).

We take ALL of this burden off of you, and we keep your ads profitable as AMS ads become increasingly competitive!


Our process is very simple and straightforward…

  • You’ll purchase an ad campaign for your BEST book below ($49/month)
  • We’ll contact you to set a budget for your ad campaign ($10 per day is the minimum recommended)
  • You’ll share your AMS login details with us OR add us as an editor (we will show you how to do this)
  • We’ll create 10 ads of various types using our most up-to-date tactics and genre-specific keyword master lists
  • We’ll test, refine, and continue to create new ads on an ongoing basis to keep your overall ad campaign profitable (you can cancel at any time)


When working with BookAds, you should expect to get better results than you could ever achieve on your own. With our experience and the sheer volume of constant study and refinement, we can outperform just about every indie author and small publishing house.

Not only will this help you get more book sales, but it completely frees up your time to stay focused on writing and building your business in other ways.

Currently, our average customer makes roughly $1.70 in royalties for every $1 spent on ads. 

Of course, the genre as well as the quality of the book listing (number and quality of reviews, book cover, book description, and other factors), have an impact on the ad campaign results.

On a great book that’s already selling multiple copies per day, we can accelerate those results WITH EASE. 

On a good listing that hasn’t sold well for a long time, we can usually revive that back to life with ease as well.

Books with average review rating at or below 4.2 with fewer than 10 reviews can be more difficult to make profitable, but the ad campaigns can still get the book selling, help build your reviews, help publicize the rest of your catalog, and be a worthwhile investment for the future sales of that title.

Fiction is trickier than nonfiction, as most of the “sales” come as Kindle Unlimited Normalized Pages, and those are not tracked in the AMS dashboard. But typically our campaigns lead to overall improvements in rank, page reads, and overall sales of your books–particularly those in the same series.


All in all, there’s no real secret here…

AMS Ads are the hottest thing in book advertising right now.

Whatever results you’re getting elsewhere, you’re likely to get better results with AMS ads.

And whatever results you’re currently getting with AMS ads, you’re guaranteed to get better results by working with BookAds–with no personal time investment or headache, and all for a very reasonable fee of just $49 per month (cancel anytime).

But, because we personally create and oversee these ad campaigns ourselves, we only have the capacity to take on a few dozen new customers each month.

So if you are interested in having the pros go in and take your book sales to new heights, get started NOW…

Space is EXTREMELY Limited – Get Started NOW!

Secure payments through Paypal…

P.S. – If you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… for just $49/month, the top book ads experts will create 10 AMS Ads for your best book, and they will manage your campaign to keep it profitable on an ongoing basis (cancel anytime).

What People Are Saying

“I was fortunate enough to have Derek Doepker walk me through his Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) ad techniques. After implementing his suggestions, I’ve generated $25,000 in additional income, with 3x return on my investment. 

Currently, AMS Ads is one of my core strategies for launching books and maintaining consistent sales. If you want to compete in 2017 and beyond, then I highly suggest that you take advantage of the BookAds service.”

Steve Scott – Amazon’s top-selling nonfiction Kindle author since 2014

“Buck told me about Derek’s success with Kindle ads, and I decided to hire Derek to help me create an ad campaign for my book. Holy cow! The ad he created sold $1,200 worth of books on just a $20 ad spend! He told me that’s not typical and it’s because I have such a good book, but I don’t know. I think he’s definitely cracked the code!”

Annie Grace – Author of the bestselling book This Naked Mind

“I’ve paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars for courses on author marketing, kindle promotional techniques, and kindle keyword-category SEO. I’ve paid hundreds for author Facebook ad training, and other ecommerce Facebook training. Doing this since 2012, after all the courses I’ve gone through, the one thing that instantly doubled or tripled my Kindle sales was Amazon ads. Within hours, and by the second day, my sales and my pages read were booming!”

Travis Luedke – Top Selling Fiction Author

Space is EXTREMELY Limited – Get Started NOW!

Secure payments through Paypal…

P.S. – If you’re skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was… for just $49/month, the top book ads experts will create 10 AMS Ads for your best book, and they will manage your campaign to keep it profitable on an ongoing basis (cancel anytime).

The BookAds Crew

Brian Berni is an author under multiple pen names and the creator of authorstech.com. He formerly spent 7 years working in the Vatican Secret Archives. He has a unique ability to sift through mountains of data and translate it into something useful. Brian manages all of the ad campaigns for BookAds customers; tweaking, testing, and studying the campaigns carefully. All the while his knowledge and expertise in ad campaign management continually progresses.

Buck Flogging is a serial entrepreneur and author that has helped spawn a number of innovative creations to serve the self-publishing community, including Buck Books, 100 Covers, Archangel Ink, and now BookAds. An author himself, he’s made more than $500,000 from his books (in multiple genres, on multiple platforms, under multiple pen names) since 2009. With Derek’s guidance, he recently doubled his monthly book sales with the power of Kindle ads alone, sparking a desire to create a service for authors to help them get similar results.

Derek Doepker is a bestselling author in multiple genres, creator of the KD Sales Machine, and is arguably the world’s leading authority on Amazon’s Kindle Advertising platform. His trailblazing has helped authors all over the world to make hundreds of thousands of extra dollars with the power of Amazon’s new marketing service. He provides strategic guidance and up-to-date insights with the BookAds team.

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