Sell more Books With Amazon, BookBub and Facebook Ads!

We manage all of your campaigns, so you can focus on the writing!

Tailor-made advertising strategies

Done-For-You Account Management

...and so much more

Frustrated at your results with paid advertising? Let me guess:

  • You’ve read a bunch of books, but they seem to contradict each other.
  • You’ve joined a few Facebook groups on the subject, but feel overwhelmed at all the info that’s thrown at you.
  • You even bought a bunch of (quite expensive) courses. But the strategies just don’t seem to work for you.
  • It really doesn’t have to be like that!

Why is BookAds the smart choice to effectively market your books?

We're Authors.

… so we know there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to paid ads for books. Before we even launch the first campaign, we’ll hop on a call to understand your unique goals and suggest a strategy that’s tailor-made for you

We Have The Experience.

Our agency was founded in 2017. Since then, we’ve helped sell nearly $1 million worth of books for close to 1,000 authors in all niches or genres.

We'll help you no matter what.

Before you begin paid advertising, your book needs to have all the ‘fundamentals’ in place (great cover, reviews, etc.). If you are struggling with that, we have a network of companies that can help you out.

Mastering Amazon, BookBub or Facebook ads can be tricky. The good news? You don’t need to!

Join the growing list of savvy authors that look to us for honest, cost-effective ad management

We Provide Several Service Options.


We offer done-for-you account management on:

  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • BookBub

We also provide account reviews, keyword packs and much more!


If your books needs a little ’tweaking’, we offer

  • Cover Design
  • Website
  • Formatting
  • Graphics

*Have special requests? Contact us through the button below to discuss your unique advertising needs.

We understand…
Ads can be confusing.

Especially when you’re busy 24/7 trying to write and do all the countless other things an indie author needs to juggle these days.

Let us take a big burden off your plate, so you can enjoy a steady stream of new readers and sales!

"Brian is a brilliant book ads specialist. His attention to detail, work ethic, and passion to help clients is world class. You can’t go wrong hiring Brian to help you with your book ads."

Tom Morkes

CEO at Insurgent Publishing

"My book still gets bestseller banners after 18 months. I'm sure that would not be happening if Brian Berni were not managing my Amazon ads. I love working with Brian because he is so friendly and professional. He always responds in a timely manner, and I feel more confident because of his positive affirmations. You couldn't ask for anyone better than Brian!"

Benita Esposito

Bestselling Author of The Highly Sensitive Introvert

The Application Process in a Nutshell


Click the red button

This will take you to a form. You’ll need to give us some info about you and your book and answer a few questions.


Sit back and wait

Our team of experts will review your application and get in touch with you. You’ll receive a response from us in max 24 hours. This will also include our quote.


The magic begins!

If there are some details in your product that need ‘fine-tuning’, we’ll work with you to fix them. Then, we will begin advertising your book(s) on the platform(s) you choose.


Watch the graphs!

Our work is 100% “done-for-you”. However, we like to keep close communication with our clients to constantly test and tweak our campaigns. You can email us any time you want or we can even hop on a quick call to talk shop.

Get the sales your books deserve.

Building a sustainable career as an author can no longer be achieved without some form of paid advertising that drives more traffic and produces more sales of your book(s). 

But the learning curve for all of these platforms is very steep… and it often leads to frustration at the lack of results.  

We know. We’ve been there ourselves. But after creating campaigns for hundreds of authors every single day since 2017, we think we’ve learnt a few things :)

Whether you’re looking for a team of experts to completely take over your ad account, or you just want someone to go through your campaigns and give you tips to improve, we’ve got you covered!