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Are you looking for all the information you need about running ads for your books on Amazon, Bookbub, and Facebook
Unlimited done-for-you graphic design help for all your ad graphic needs FOREVER, all in one place?

If so, then Ad Academy by BookAds is definitely for YOU!

Ad Academy is a collection of advanced book advertising courses, interviews with leading book advertising industry experts, an ongoing community to always stay up-to-date on the latest advertising tips, tricks, and trends, AND a done-for-you ad graphic creation service by a team who has overseen and optimized more than $1 million of book advertising campaigns.

It’s everything you’ll need to give book advertising your best shot – increasing your CTR’s and ROI’s, lowering your costs, and helping you make CPM and PPC advertising an important staple of your thriving book business. 

Who is Academy for?

It’s for authors and aspiring authors looking to get better results with their ad campaigns, professionalize their ad graphics, master new advertising platforms quickly without wasting tons of money trying to figure it out alone, stay current with industry trends and what’s working the best RIGHT NOW, and increase their bottom line.

The Academy Instructors

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Brian Meeks

The Art and Importance of
Copywriting for Amazon Ads
How do you make your ads so compelling that readers simply have to click on them? In this masterclass, Amazon Ads expert Brian Meeks teaches how to use the art of copywriting to craft enticing ad copy and blurbs, so that your campaigns stand out from the competition and are impossible for readers to miss.

Dave Chesson

How to Find Profitable Keywords
for Your Amazon Ads Campaigns
When running Amazon Ads, finding profitable keywords for your campaigns is key. In this session Dave Chesson of walks us through all his best keyword-finding tactics, both free and paid, while providing expert advice on how to gauge a specific keyword’s performance in the reports dashboard.

Marc Reklau

Amazon Ads for Non-Fiction: Strategies,
Tips and Tricks to Get Sales on Autopilot
Through the power of Amazon Ads, self-help author Mark Reklau was able to 8x his earnings in a matter of months. In this masterclass he holds nothing back, walking us through the tactics and strategies he uses to gain sales and new readers on on a consistent basis, all by constantly tweaking and optimising his campaigns.

Bryan Cohen

How to Easily Test Amazon Ads Campaigns and Calculate Their Conversion Rate for Maximum Profit
As many authors know, the Amazon Ads “reports” dashboard is far from accurate. So how can authors evaluate the performance of their campaigns and tweak/pause them accordingly? In this masterclass, Bryan Cohen explains how to split-test your ads and ultimately calculate key performance indicators such as your ads’ conversion rate.

Ricardo Fayet

Custom Audiences: Your Secret Weapon
to Create Stellar Facebook Ads
Nailing your audience targeting can make or break your Facebook Ads campaign. While Facebook itself offers many options in this regard, very few authors use “custom audiences” to their full potential. In this session, Ricardo Fayet explains how to use this ‘secret weapon’ to find new readers and ultimately sell more books!

Jonny Andrews

Crushing It With Book Sales: The Art & Science of Video-Ad Audience Building
Video is booming right now. But did you know you could use it to build audiences of engaged fans to which you can target your Facebook Ads. Marketing expert Jonny Andrews shows us how to create effective and enticing video to use in your campaigns, even if you’ve never done video before or you’re on a budget!
Author Shaun Loftus

Shaun Loftus

Facebook Ads Made Simple:
Campaign Creation and Split-Testing
For the Non Tech-Savvy
In this “watch over my shoulder” tutorial, Facebook ads strategist Shaun Loftus teaches how to launch a campaign from scratch, even if you’ve never used Facebook’s Power Editor before. In the second part of the session, Shaun shows us some real-life examples of effective split-tests you can model to find the right audience for your campaigns.

Anne-Marie Meyer

Facebook Ads: Analyzing Your Data,
Tweaking and Scaling Your Campaigns
When romance author Anne-Marie Meyer started implementing Facebook Ads, her royalties grew at an exponential rate even she could not believe. In this masterclass, she shares her tips on how to analyze the data you get from your campaigns (without the overwhelm), how to tweak your ads in just a couple of steps and her best tricks for scaling ads that have proven to be profitable.

Adam Croft

Building Laser-Targeted Audiences
for Hyper-Relevant BookBub Ads
With so few targeting options available for authors on the BookBub Ads platform, nailing your “comp-audiences” is essential. Superstar indie author Adam Croft shows us his best tips on building large lists of similar authors, assessing their effectiveness as targets and creating campaigns that can bring in sales on a consistent basis.

Derek Doepker

Tips, Tricks and Unusual Ways to Leverage the Power of Amazon Ads
In this session with Amazon Ads pioneer Derek Doepker, we are going to discover how authors can get ahead of the competition by tapping into unusual and little-known ways to advertise their books through the power of Amazon Ads. We’ll look at some of the platform’s ‘best-kept secrets’ and how you can leverage them to skyrocket sales of your books!

Matt Stone

Book Advertising Big Picture:
Business Optimization Strategies to
Improve Your Chances of Being Able
to Afford Advertising of Any Kind
In this bonus masterclass by the founder of BookAds, BuckBooks and 100Covers, we are going back to basics. Is paid advertising for everyone? What should you have in place before you even begin thinking about running ads? As one of the most valued experts in the industry, Matt Stone answers all of these questions (and many more): this is one session you don’t want to miss!

The Academy Courses

Along with the interview-style classes above, you’ll receive two in-depth courses by the Ad Academy Dean, Brian Berni. One is on Advanced Amazon Ads Keyword strategies, which contains amazing intel from the more than $1 million in Amazon Ads that Brian has run for nearly 1,000 clients in practically every genre since 2017. The other is about running ads on Bookbub’s advertising platform (not to be confused with their promotions), where Brian currently oversees over $200 per day of active, successful Bookbub ad campaigns.

Course 1: Amazon Ads - Advanced Keyword Strategies

Course 2: Bookbub Ads Genius

Ad Graphic Service

because this is HUGE!

When you sign up as an Ad Academy student, you’ll receive unlimited done-for-you ad graphic service! That’s right, you’ll get all the ad graphics you need for your Bookbub and Facebook ad campaigns, made by the pros at 100 Covers!

As many as you want! Forever! All included in Ad Academy!

When you order you’ll receive a link to a simple form where you can submit any ad graphic design request that you want for Bookbub and Facebook ads. Within a week (except during the holidays!), you’ll receive a custom ad graphic with your cover on it, optimized to what we’re finding to be the most effective for real-life active ad campaigns we’re running RIGHT NOW. You can choose what’s written on them or leave the ad copy up to us. Either way you’ll get back something GREAT and ready to perform!

Check out some of our top-performing Bookbub ad graphics below…

Two Important Bonuses!

Ad Academy also comes with two awesome bonuses…

To Summarize…

Join Ad Academy by BookAds and you’ll get all of the following perks to help you become an ad wiz…

  1. 12 Interview-style classes by leading book advertising experts covering a full spectrum of key advertising topics. ($588 value). It covers topics such as:
  2. Creating custom audiences Video advertising Keyword research tactics Testing ad performance Ad copywriting Calculating ROI And more!
  3. Two in-depth eCourses, only available here, by advertising master Brian Berni, who has created thousands of successful ad campaigns for hundreds of successful clients since 2017. ($598 value). Those courses are:
  4. Advanced Amazon Ads Keyword Strategies The Insider’s Guide to Effective Bookbub Advertising
  5. Absolutely UNLIMITED ad graphic service for all your Bookbub and Facebook advertising needs ($999+ value)
  6. Access to the Ad Academy private Facebook group ($99 value)
  7. Access to a detailed Q and A with a representative from Bookbub ($29 value)

All together, these resources are worth $2,313! But we’re opening enrollment to our first 1,000 Ad Academy students for just $297!

And you can sign up RISK-FREE with our 30-day Student Satisfaction Full Refund policy. You can get 100% of your money refunded within 30 days of trying Ad Academy.

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