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Hi and welcome to BookAds, a done-for-you advertising service for authors specializing in AMS and Bookbub ads.

BookAds launched in the summer of 2017 and has since helped sell nearly $1 million of books for close to 1,000 clients!

Our original vision was to create an affordable ad service for the indie author community—open to all. But after a year of letting every author try their luck with our ad services (including books with few or poor reviews, poor covers, in uncompetitive genres, and so on), we were forced to become highly selective about the clients we choose to work with.

We made a huge mistake by running ads for books that just aren’t legitimate candidates for paid marketing, and it cost us dearly. Hundreds of our clients had little to no results from our services, and the word got out that we aren’t very good at what we do.

That is a crying shame, as we are the BEST in the industry by a longshot, and our top clients get unthinkably good results.

For example, take a look at this client, who is seeing $10 in book sales for every dollar spent…

Or take a look at the ad performance of a small fraction of the ads we created for another client, who has now sold more than $40,000 of his book directly from the AMS ads we created and managed.

Suffice it to say, we get absolutely excellent results for the right authors and the right books. And we have run enough campaigns to now know EXACTLY who we can help.

Best of all, the cost of using BookAds is now performance-based. We charge a simple $100 setup fee to get your ads going, and then you are only charged a small fee for ads that are getting a positive return! 

Follow the simple instructions below to apply now (Space is limited… we’re currently only accepting 100 new clients for this program)…


Our process is very simple and straightforward…

  • Click the Apply Now button below, and we will review your book or books, and write to you within a few days with our thoughts on whether or not you’re a good candidate for paid advertising with BookAds.